Freedom Movement :: Promo Video

Ever since early 2012 when the Passion Conference highlighted the pervasiveness of human trafficking, college students have been working to raise awareness of the over 27 million people enslaved around the world.  One new student organization that was founded at A&M is called Freedom Movement.  While still a very new organization, it has already spread to over 25 other universities across the country.  Freedom Movement’s founders believe that it goes beyond the confines of an organization or a nonprofit though; they see it as an entire generation united against slavery.  By raising awareness and money, while engaging in prayer for those being trafficked around the world, Freedom Movement will make a difference.  If you are interested in joining the moment, please visit the Freedom Movement website and supporting it by buying a CD and sharing this video.

This video concept came from a healthy mixture of prayer, inspiration by two men that I really look up to – Salomon Ligthelm and Jonathan Rios, and music made freely available by an extremely talented musical composer – Tony Anderson.  A quick side-note about the beautiful music used in this video – I was praying for a good song to use and saw a link to Tony Anderson’s Soundcloud page while watching a video.  Upon visiting, I found out that Tony actually runs an organization against human injustice called Unearthed Pictures.  I’m still in shock that someone whose views align so well with what Freedom Movement is doing was able to provide music for this video.  On top of that, Tony is also good friends with my friend Curt Vernon and has recorded some of his songs for him.  God really brings the right people together when He wants something to happen.

The video itself represents an abstract clash of light and darkness.  I didn’t want the focus to be on any of the actual people, but more on the idea that people are in bondage and needed to be brought into the light.  The idea for light vs. darkness came from the video Freedom is Rising by Jonathan Rios.  The color grading inspiration and usage of text both came from Salomon.  The entire video itself was filmed in just over an hour and a half at sunset last week.  Because this video is going to be used for more than just A&M students I deliberately chose to feature footage that wasn’t iconic of Texas A&M.  If you look for it, there are definitely hints of Aggie influence, but by and large I believe the video is abstract enough to be used by any university or anyone else that is a member of Freedom Movement.

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  1. These moments definitely improve the status of a country or places which was affected by slavery and ruling of another culture on them. It's really good to highlight this and join the movement as per suggestions. It can teach students a lot.

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