Passion 2012 in Photos

I had the great opportunity to cram four of my friends in a car and road-trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Passion Conference – a four-day long event all about Jesus.   While I was there, I took approximately 200 photos with my iPhone.  I posted some of my favorites to Instagram, but wanted to post all of them here as well to give you the chance to see what God is doing in the hearts of college students across America and around the world.

These photos don’t compare to actually being there, but I hope they at least give you an idea that God is moving and active in the hearts of young people today and while we may be a generation that many believe isn’t worth looking at, God is raising us up for His glory.  You can find out more about Passion on the 268Generation website and by following passion268 on Twitter.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a bonus video.


As a bonus, I filmed the intro to the Passion 2012 conference with my iPhone 4S in 1080p HD and uploaded the video to YouTube for you to watch if you weren’t able to attend.

  1. Any idea as to what music that is in the background? Would love to get a hold of that track!

  2. These photos don’t parallel to indeed essence there, yet I desire they at minimum provide you an supposition that Deity is astir besides operative in the piths of tender persons today also though we might be a progeny that numerous deem isn’t excellence looking at.

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