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Updated 4-4-12 with new songs!

I find that many songs are sung today, but not many of them are sung from the heart.  This Spring break, I had the distinct privilege of meeting one of the most inspirational and talented men to walk the earth today.

Curt Performing

Curt Vernon describes himself as a 6’9″ ridiculously happy man that lives in a ’92 Celica.  He is definitely one of the coolest (and tallest) guys that I met in Florida on a mission trip called Beach Reach.  After getting back to Texas, I saw that he had posted a link to his music on his Facebook.  After hearing his songs, I realized that more people needed to hear them.  Last time Curt came down to Texas to visit I filmed a music video for his song, Rebel Bride.

The Thoroughbred Community Church website leaves this disclaimer above their links to the music,

WARNING! The lyrics in these songs may cause conviction leading to repentance.” I honestly believe this is an accurate description of the songs that Curt has created.

All of Curt’s songs from the album, “Songs for The Brood & Me”, are free to stream and download off The Thoroughbred Community Church Website as well as my website here.

Every one of them tells a different story.

You can download the full CD here and other songs below!

Songs for the Brood and Me – Album MP3 (Zip)

Curt’s full CD is awesome, I highly recommend you listen to all of it!

Download Revival Song (Studio Version):

Tony Anderson aka 23Violins on Soundcloud is one of the most talented composers I’ve ever had the pleasure of conversing with.  He recorded a studio version of Curt’s Revival song and graciously allowed me to put a download link up here as well.

– [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=300 linktext=’Revival Song (Studio Version)’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

Be sure to check out Tony’s other music on the 23Violins Soundcloud page!

Download Matthew 11:28-30 for free:

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=299 linktext=’Matthew 11:28-30′ /] (Right Click, Save As)

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=298 linktext=’Matthew 11:28-30 (With Intro)’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

Download How Could I for free:

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=297 linktext=’How Could I’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=296 linktext=’How Could I (With Story)’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

Download Revival song for free:

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=302 linktext=’Revive Song’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

-[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=301 linktext=’Revive Song (With Story)’ /] (Right Click, Save As)

These three songs were recorded at Beach Reach 2010.  Around 4am we held a worship jam session and recorded three videos and songs.  Before each song Curt would tell a story about how God gave him the song.  You can watch the videos at the three links below…

Matthew 11:28-30

How Could I (Captivated)

Revival Song

Watch the music video I filmed for Curt’s song Rebel Bride:

Watch The Parking Lot Sessions // Live music recorded in a parking lot last time Curt visited Texas.

Onward Christian Soldiers

Pornography Will Murder You

Rebel Bride

You can stream all of the songs on Curt’s CD individually below.  Download links are included beneath each song.

Luke 6 Beatitudes

Download Luke 6 Beatitudes: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=280 linktext=’Luke 6 Beatitudes ‘ /]

There’s nothing quite like hearing scripture sang directly.  It’s very powerful.

Mason Jar Jesus

Mason Jar Jesus is an awesome reminder to not put Jesus on the shelf.

Download Mason Jar Jesus: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=281 linktext=’Mason Jar Jesus’ /]

Furious Love

Download Furious Love: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=282 linktext=’Furious Love’ /]


Grace by Curt Vernon, is an attempt at describing the awesome power of God to forgive anyone’s sin, no matter how great.

Download Grace: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=283 linktext=Grace /]

If The Sun

Download If The Sun: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=284 linktext=’If The Sun’ /]

Fatherless and The Widows

Download Fatherless and The Widows: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=285 linktext=’Fatherless and Widows ‘ /]


Download Amsterdam: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=286 linktext=Amsterdam /]

None of Self and All of Thee

None Of Self And All Of Thee by Curt Vernon is an amazing story of God’s reaching out and pulling us in to him.  First we are entirely self focused; and then gradually, we become entirely focused on Him.

Download None of Self and All of Thee: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=287 linktext=’None of Self and All of Thee’ /]

Pornography Will Murder You

Pornography Will Murder You by Curt Vernon is the perfect example of humanity’s willingness to lust, as well as God’s forgiveness and saving grace from that lust.  It gets really good about 1:55 into the song!

Download Pornography Will Murder You: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=288 linktext=’Pornography Will Murder You’ /]

You Are My Rest

Download You Are My Rest: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=289 linktext=’You Are My Rest’ /]


Preferences by Curt Vernon is a look at God’s saving power from a slightly snarky viewpoint. Definitely a way of looking at the Christian faith that not many people have tried before.

Download Preferences: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=290 linktext=Preferences /]

Great and Terrible Day of The LORD

Great and Terrible Day of The LORD by Curt Vernon is an awesome song that pushes the limits of how a worship song is made. Curt begins and ends it with the powerful verse, “If you remember nothing else, I have said to you this night, remember this, God is Love…” and the middle of the song holds the lines, “God I know that your first name is love, but your middle name is wrath, I even love the way you discipline and I love the way you laugh…”

Download Great and Terrible Day of The LORD: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=291 linktext=’Great and Terrible Day of The LORD’ /]

Name of The One I Love

Download Name of The One I Love: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=292 linktext=’Name of the One I love ‘ /]

Rebel Bride

If you like this song you should really watch the Rebel Bride music video I created.

Download Rebel Bride: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=293 linktext=’Rebel Bride ‘ /]

You can find out more about Curt Vernon at his Myspace and Facebook.

Leave me a comment and let me know which songs inspired you, and how they made you feel.

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