I’m A Rebel Bride

This past week, my friend Curt Vernon made a trip into College Station to speak at my church.  That Sunday night, I met up with him and we ended up singing some praise songs that he wrote.  I managed to film two of them, and this one, entitled Rebel Bride, is now a music video.  I filmed over the course of two days and edited it in about a day.

Filming for the group of people hanging out happened one night at midnight.   A week before, some friends and I were feeling called to sing some praise music on the south side of the Texas A&M Campus and when we got there, we met this guy Tommy and a few of his friends.  They invited us to hang out with them next week again at the same time.  The second time, I brought my camera with me and ended up filming the whole event.

The vibe that I was going for in the song was that though we may try to seek inebriation through other things (hookah, etc), but God offers inebriation through His love.  You can see the progression from everyone doing their own thing to us all being brought together praising the Lord and praying at the end.  God is always working and it was such a blessing being able to be a part of his will.

Curt gave permission for the song Rebel Bride as well as all of his other songs to be downloaded freely.

To get the rest of Curt’s songs just check out my blog post on Curt Vernon.

  1. Dude, love the vid! Great job (as to be expected) and I love the song! Kudos!!

  2. Hey! I was there when we went to praise on campus. That was seriously the greatest week besides beach reach I adore this video I wish I couldve been there the next week.

  3. Such an amazing song!! BeachReach 2010 was amazing! I'm just a Freshmen at UT Martin, but God is really drawing me closer to Him there ever before since I came to college. And, I have my own website ministry, and it took college to really grow. I've been growing, but the people I've met here and the atmosphere, it's just beyond description. Curt is an amazing singer. Loved the prayer room. And, he is one of the tallest guys I've ever seen! lol… 🙂

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