How To Film Incredible Dancing Footage In Your Wedding Films!

There are some things that you can learn by reading books and manuals, but some only come through years of experience. In my wedding tutorial vlogs, I attempt to distill all my years of knowledge into easy to understand tips and tutorials to give you a “shortcut” so you can improve quicker. My goal with these tutorials is to not only tell you how I do something, but why I do it.

To date, some of my favorite videos tutorials to create have been “A Wedding Filmmaker’s Guide to Posing The Couple,” and my “Establishing Shots: Why they are important and how to film them!”  I only wish I had more things like this when I was starting out. 

I love this light!

Today, in the same vein as those favorite tutorials I bring you a new one, all about how I film dancing at a wedding reception. In it, I cover four key tips that should help your improve your footage of people dancing during a wedding reception. The open dance floor doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating! It can be a lot of fun, I promise.

In this video I cover:

  • How to interact with the couple, wedding coordinator, and DJ when preparing to film the dancing at the reception.
  • A way to light the dance floor and make it look incredible even when there’s awful venue lighting.
  • My go-to technique to get more energetic dancing shots that show how much fun the wedding guests were having.
  • The exact way I shoot to make editing dancing footage super easy in post (it’s almost editing itself!)

If any of that interests you, I would highly recommend checking out the video.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one below or get in touch

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Here are links to the lights and dimmer I talked about in the video:

Check out the wedding films I used in this video:

This vlog was filmed with the Sony A7sii, a really cool camera. You can check out the rest of the gear I use for filmmaking at my Gear Page

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