I am now offering one-on-one personal filmmaking consulting sessions on an hour-and-a-half basis! Have a wedding film you would like me to critique? Recommendations for cameras or lenses to buy? Wanting feedback about your business? Needing some sweet beard growing tips? I’m here to help!

Here’s what others have said about my consulting sessions:

“This one-on-one was EXACTLY what my business needed, and what I needed personally. I was killing myself in post production this past season, and was really having a hard time balancing life, and now I have a plan and a path to regain my sanity going forward. I’m fairly new to the film business, having been at it for a little over 1.5 years, and his guidance is just what I needed to kick me into the right gear to streamline everything and keep me from burning out. I cannot emphasize enough how truly thankful I am – best money spent on any sort of education or training EVER. It’s like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. THANK YOU MATT!!!”- Brittany Jones,  owner of 207Weddings

“I’ve watched a plethora of YouTube tutorials, spent money on CreativeLive courses, and have spent many hours just studying the art of videography. However, I can honestly say that my 1.5hr consultation with Matt was by far the most beneficial! This guy knows his stuff! We talked about everything, and he really took the time to explain in detail the solution to my issues I was experiencing. Purchasing this consultation is a real asset to any videographer that wants to take their skill to the next level! Matt’s knowledge and awesome personality makes the experience worth every penny! Time to make the smartest investment of your video career!” – Paul Hall, owner of Paul Michael Film

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