Troops In Combat :: Free Christian Rap Music

My friend Big T, his three brothers, and cousin, comprise Troops in Combat.  Way back in 2006, they recorded this Mixtape, and now they have given me permission to post it here for download.  Big T and his relatives live submitted to God and desire to have Him use them to minister through their music.  Years later, they are still reppin’ Christ and working on a new mixtape.  Download the songs below!  Let God speak to you through them!

You can find Big T on Facebook and Twitter!

Download The Full Mixtape Here:

Download TIC Mixtape MP3 (Zip File)

You can listen to the individual songs here:

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  1. Sorry one moretime it looks like someone was loged on to this computer with their facebook account .Can I use Big T's music on my YouTube videos.

    • Sure! If you do, could you link back here in the video description? Feel free to send me a link too I would like to see what you do with the songs!

  2. Can i use one of the songs in my youtube intro?
    I will put link in channel description and if someone in the videos ask for the songs i will send them directly here 🙂

  3. I got headache with youtube, if you use their library you get out of the monetization, thank you very much , appreciate this effort

  4. I'm trying to find the title of the song with "put your hands up" in the chorus line – can you help pleeeease?

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