Pacific // An aerial and timelapse film of Cascadia

CascadiaWhen I think of the wilderness, the Pacific Northwest is one of the first places that comes to mind. Drive 20 minutes from any city in the region and you'll find yourself surrounded by ancient forest, rivers teeming with fish, and silence. A peace exists there in the wild that isn't found in my home state of Texas.
For thousands of years, the only people that lived there were the Native Americans. When settlers first came from Europe in the late 1700s, they started in the east and slowly moved west, through the great plains and finally over the Rocky Mountains to California. They didn't reach the land known as Cascadia until the 1850s. Today, even the oldest structures in the cities are still young.
Man hasn't has as much of a chance to leave a footprint in the Pacific Northwest as he has in other parts of America. If you want to see the country as it once was, untouched by human interaction, get up to Cascadia now.

Filmed with the DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 Black at 4K resolutions.
Edited in Premiere Pro CC in 4K.

Music licensed from Marmoset.

License these clips for your own videos at Lightstock.

This is my fourth film in this series. The previous films include:

  1. Pagosa
  2. Ozarks
  3. Hawaii

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