Josh Garrels // The Light Came Down // Album Teaser Video

In the Summer of 2015 I took a trip with my wife to the Pacific Northwest. We drove a couple thousand miles around Portland and Seattle, stopping at beautiful points on the road to fly my drone and shoot some timelapses. I knew that I wanted to make a video that captured the spirit of pines cloaked in fog, aquamarine waves crashing on beaches heaped with smooth driftwood, and clouds that covered the sun for days. 

When it came time to edit the video, I agonized over what song to use, spending hours searching for the perfect tone for the film. After digging deep through Marmoset Music’s library, I found an artist that embodied the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, one that brought all the emotions that I experienced on that trip to mind, a man that calls Cascadia his home – Josh Garrels.

His song “Slip Away” fit my film perfectly; enough so that he eventually saw it, and shared the film on his Facebook page last year. I was blown away and excited that the artist that I had searched for had found my work and appreciated it too!

Look at how cool this looks! It's got a deer on it!

Look at how cool this looks! It’s got a deer on it!

Last month, Josh got in touch with me about his new Christmas album coming out on November 24, 2016. He asked me to create a one minute teaser video for the album, one that evoked those same feelings of darkness, mystery, and light that I felt about the Pacific Northwest. It was a joy to create this teaser for him. 

I hope that you enjoy it and check out his new album when it arrives this Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in having me film something like this for you, please get in touch.

  1. Josh Garrels music is truly like finding a treasure of great worth. He's mentioned before how he hopes his music when invite others to join in the joy of the Lord, and there is no doubt that it does in the most beautiful ways. His music touches my soul, makes me think, and feels like a foretaste of heaven.

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