How To Record Amazing Audio In Your Wedding Films!

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And now, on to your regularly scheduled blog post!

This is a big one. I’m giving all my audio secrets away! For over a year, the most requested topic for me to talk about is audio. Everyone apparently wants to know how I approach recording audio for a wedding film, the exact gear that I use to record the wedding notes, ceremony, and toasts, and how I make everything sound great. Well today is the day that I reveal it all! Strap in for almost thirty minutes of me covering all facets of recording audio for wedding films.

  • In this video I will cover:
  • Why audio is such a big deal for you and your audience.
  • The exact recorders, microphones, cables, batteries, and accessories that I use throughout the entire wedding day.
  • Who and what I record during the wedding ceremony.
  • All the ways to plug into a sound board.
  • How to handle DJs that won’t let you plug into their sound board.
  • A foolproof backup that Guarantees(!) that you will record high quality toasts audio.

Below is a full list of the Audio Equipment that I use. You can see this entire list with images and links my Kit page.









As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave on below or get in touch.


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