How To Record Amazing Audio In Your Wedding Films!

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And now, on to your regularly scheduled blog post!

This is a big one. I’m giving all my audio secrets away! For over a year, the most requested topic for me to talk about is audio. Everyone apparently wants to know how I approach recording audio for a wedding film, the exact gear that I use to record the wedding notes, ceremony, and toasts, and how I make everything sound great. Well today is the day that I reveal it all! Strap in for almost thirty minutes of me covering all facets of recording audio for wedding films.

  • In this video I will cover:
  • Why audio is such a big deal for you and your audience.
  • The exact recorders, microphones, cables, batteries, and accessories that I use throughout the entire wedding day.
  • Who and what I record during the wedding ceremony.
  • All the ways to plug into a sound board.
  • How to handle DJs that won’t let you plug into their sound board.
  • A foolproof backup that Guarantees(!) that you will record high quality toasts audio.

Below is a full list of the Audio Equipment that I use. You can see this entire list with images and links my Kit page.


– Zoom h5:
– Zoom h4n:
– Olympus WS-822:
– Sony ICDUX560 (cheaper than WS-822):
– Tascam DR-10L:

– Sennheiser G4 (the G3 was discontinued):
– Microphone Madness Matchstick Lapel:
– Rycote Stickies:
– Rycote Overcovers:

– Hosa XLR Cable:
– Hosa 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch:
– Hosa 1/4-inch to RCA:
– Whirlwind IMP 1×2 XLR Splitter:

– Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries:
– Eneloop AAA Rechargeable Batteries:
– AmazonBasics Battery Charger:
– Battery Case:

– Sandisk 32GB SD Card:
– Sandisk 16GB Micro SD Card:

– Cheap Earbuds:

– MicFX Microphone Sleeve (they now have them in black from their site, no turning inside-out required):

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave on below or get in touch.


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