Hey! This is where I tell you who I am. My name is Matt Johnson and I love making videos, eating thick peppered bacon, talking about Jesus, grooming my beard, and hugging my wife Rachel. I’ve been making videos since 2006, filming weddings since 2010, and growing facial hair since 2012, with currently no sign of interest in getting a real job or shaving.  In late 2015 I started making tutorials and reviews to help others in the world of filmmaking, and in the process I’ve made a lot of new friends.


These friends have said some nice things about me too: 


“…When you watch any given film from Texas-based filmmaker, Matt Johnson, you’re watching every ounce of his time and energy devoted to that project. Whether it’s a wedding film in Dallas, or a travel film exploring the Oregon coast, Johnson places equal amounts of intention and thought in each piece. Matt’s path as an artist is an intense one, guided by a personal and spiritual calling and it speaks in each of his films….” – Marmoset Music


“…he’s such a nice boy…” – Matt’s Grandmother


“Great video.” – Random YouTube commentator


To date, I’ve won one film contest, received an official selection in the U.S. Drone Film Festival, and entered many more competitions, but my real passion lies in creating the best work that I possibly can. Whether it is wedding films, commercial promos, or video blogs, I want to make things that strike at the soul of the viewer. If I’m not feeling an emotion at the end of something I’ve made, then I’m not happy with it. 


Maybe it’s the friendliness that comes from being born and raised in Texas, or the “never met a stranger” mentality that my dad shows daily, regardless I love meeting others and helping in any way that I can. Sometimes this help comes through pointing a camera in their direction and hearing their story, other times sitting down over tacos and discussing the finer points of beard maintenance. 


So please, sit back and watch my latest films, leave me a comment, invite me out for tacos, and remember that Jesus made us all to do good things


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