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Gear that I either shoot with currently or have experience using, divided up into categories such as audio gear, cameras, lenses, lighting, and more.

Wedding films about love

Out of the 7 billion people in the world, you choose to be with one. And that one person chooses to be with you. We find this fascinating, miraculous, and worth documenting.


Canon R6 – The Video Camera You’ve Wanted For Years

For years filmmakers have asked for a camera that films 4K video at 60FPS in Full Frame. The Canon R6
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Canon R5 – A Sony Filmmaker’s Perspective

Canon is welcoming filmmakers back with the new R5! But does this camera live up to the hype? As a
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Sony A7sii 5 Year Review: Long Live The Lowlight King

It’s looking like Sony will be finally releasing the successor to the A7Sii later this month. It’s been nearly 5
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