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Wedding films about love

Out of the 7 billion people in the world, you choose to be with one. And that one person chooses to be with you. We find this fascinating, miraculous, and worth documenting.


How to use LUTs to color grade Sony a7S III, FX3, & A1 LOG Footage in Premiere Pro

❗ Save time color grading with my LUTs Here’s how to use Look Up Tables (LUTs) to quickly color grade
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How To EASILY Color Grade Sony a7S III LOG Footage Without LUTs in Premiere Pro 2021

Here’s how I easily & quickly color grade log footage in Premiere Pro without using any LUTs!
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How to EASILY film in Sony’s SLOG3 Picture Profile

❗ Color Presets For SLOG3 Here’s how to QUICKLY & EASILY film in Sony’s SLOG3 Picture Profile, including how to
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