My Favorite Picture Profile for the DJI Mavic Pro

As promised in my Mavic Pro Review video, I’m excited to share with you my favorite picture profile for the Mavic Pro. This is the exact picture profile that I use for filming weddings, travel videos, and any other professional shoots. With a bit of color grading, I find that it can result in some beautiful footage shot with this tiny drone.

In the future, I plan on bringing you a video dedicated to exactly how I use Adobe Premiere Pro to color grade the footage shot with this exact picture profile, and how I use LUTs with it as well.

For now though, here are my exact picture profile settings:

My favorite Mavic Pro picture profile: D-Log 0, -1,-1 (unless I’m filming in a high-dynamic-range scenario, then I want my sharpness set to +1.

  • Other settings that I use in the DJI Go App:
  •  Record in Manual
  •  Record in the MP4 Video Format
  •  Record in 4K at 30fps, conformed in post to 24fps.
  •  Record at 1/60th shutter speed by using Polar Pro’s Cinema Series Vivid Collection of ND Filters with Polarizers.
  •  Turn the Over Exposure Warning (aka Zebras) ON, and make sure no parts of my video are overexposed.
  •  Monitor the EV Meter and try to ALWAYS keep my exposure at 0.0 or slightly above at .3 or .7, never under 0.0 (note that this is bugged in my current version of the firmware and the EV does not work, so I monitor my zebras instead and film with my footage just below where the zebras start to appear, almost over-exposed.)
  •  Manually set my White Balance using the “Custom” option and dialing in the exact Kelvin value. In most daylight/partly cloudy situations this is at 7,000K.
  •  Keep my ISO at 100 if possible.

If you are wondering why I use these settings, please watch the video, because two-thirds of it is dedicated to explaining why I use them.

My favorite drone video gear:

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