Ephemeris // 4K Timelapse at The Ranch

Spring Break 2012 was characterized by a lack of beaches and a high chance of moose.  Unlike previous years where I went on Beach Reach and shared Jesus and pancakes with spring breakers, I now found myself on The Ranch.  Way out in the country, the Ranch has some of the best fishing and hunting anywhere.  I last visited in 2008 and have since taken down the video I filmed then, but I’m sure I’ll repost it eventually.  This post of course, isn’t about a video I made in 2008, it is about the video I made in 2012.

I decided that I would photograph a timelapse video of the ranch.  Over the course of the Spring Break week, I took over 17 timelapses.  It was tough deciding on my favorite ones to use in this video because there was so many pretty locations.  I photographed in JPEG to save space, converted the images to video in Quicktime 7 Pro, and edited in Adobe Premiere.  Color grading and touchups were performed in Adobe After Effects and with Magic Bullet Looks.  Premiere Pro CS5 handled the 4K images well, but my graphics card had a hard time keeping up, so I had to disable GPU acceleration in the Mercury Playback Engine.

Inspired by Tom Lowe and his new 4k film TimeScapes, I have decided to offer my Timelapse film for download at a beautiful 4K resolution.  If you have a 4K monitor or projector I would highly recommend downloading the film at this resolution.

Interested in having me film for you?  Please contact me!

  1. Nice! Makes me homesick for Texas though I haven't lived there in 25 years! I just got the Konova K5, motorized slider and pan/tilt head and found your site through Google while looking for set up info on the controller. Really like your work!

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