Beach Reach 2010

It took me nearly a year to make this video.  I had all the footage, I had the idea and knew where I wanted to run with it; I was only lacking the motivation.  Two weeks ago, Lucas Parry, Australian musician extraordinaire asked me to put together a cut for him to use for promotional purposes on his website.

What followed was the most epic three hours of editing of my life.  I never work that fast or as well at that time of night (11pm-2am), but thanks to Godly inspiration, I ended up with a pretty good-looking representation of what Beach Reach represents.  Christians serving a beautiful God by serving others in Panama City Beach, Florida.  If you’re interested in Beach Reach, check out Threads Media or watch my Beach Reach 2009 video!

:: Technical Details ::

Filmed By

  • Matt Johnson
  • Matt Underwood
  • Justin Wylie

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