Run & Gun filming with the Sony A7Sii Part 3: Custom Button Setup

After a bit of a delay due to multiple projects crowding up most of the second half of September, I am finally here with part three of my Run & Gun filming with the A7Sii series. This vlog is incredibly exciting for me to share with you because it details my setup of the camera’s custom buttons, and how I use them to access my most used features of the camera incredibly quickly. I believe this is the most important video of this series, so if you watch nothing else, this one is the one to view.

"Hey there, wanna talk about cameras?"

“Hey there, wanna talk about cameras?”

That said, I would highly recommend checking out part one detailing my menu setup of the A7Sii, and part two where I discuss how to use the camera’s mode dial to quickly access presets for your framerates and resolution while filming. In the future, I will also be posting a fourth and final vlog in this series, all about using the camera’s function menu to unlock even more, er, functions.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave on below or get in touch!



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