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To film an all day event like a wedding takes a lot of energy.  I find myself on my feet all day, constantly thinking about new shots and angles.  But no matter how much energy I may have, it doesn’t compare to Chantal’s energy when she photographs children and families.  Her company, Whimsy and Style Photography in College Station specializes in photos of families, children, and infants.  I recently went with her on a photo shoot and filmed her as she photographed a family with two small kids.  If you’ve ever tried to take photos of children, it is an exercise in just getting them to look at the camera, much less smile.  Chantal excels at this with a mixture of sounds, movements, toys, and entertaining jokes.  They were incredibly effective, but I got tired even watching her.  She’s seriously talented and I learned a lot getting to film this promo video for her company.

If you’re wanting family, children, or infant photos, check out Chantal with Whimsy and Style Photography.

Interested in having me film a promo video for your company?  Please contact me!

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  2. This is so lovely mate, you got some pretty good pictures ye? Its not that easy to get and take pictures like this, it needs to have a good experience in doing this. Thanks for this!

    Maryann Farrugia
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