Trace The Lines :: Lizi Bailey :: Music Video

Lizi Bailey – “Trace the Lines”
Produced by Jason Hoard and Lizi Bailey
Directed by Donna Stuart


Before you ask, yes we hauled a massive piano to the middle of a field, yes it was heavy, and no we did not damage it (Praise God).  God took care of this music video from the very start when he provided the perfect location to film.  Having only filmed one music video before, I was very excited about the chance to help shoot another.  Lizi Bailey is an extremely talented musician, and I believe this music video really offers a look at the meaning of her lyrics.

This music video has a twofold purpose in that it not only shows the lyrical meaning but also serves as a promotional video for the 2011 Masterpiece Conference.  The 2011 Masterpiece Conference is a “weekend devoted to helping 17-25 year old girls know who Christ is, who they are in Christ, & with the gifts God has given them, how they can live a free and vibrant life of purpose and hope in a broken world.” (Quoted from the Masterpiece Conference website)

:: Production Details ::

  • Directed by Donna Stuart
  • Shot by Daniel Karr and Matt Johnson
  • Edited by Daniel Karr

:: Behind The Scenes Video ::

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  1. This is really a professional job . Congratulations and best of luck with your future films.

  2. Fantastic Video. Your arrangement shows you have a various of involvement in this point. Could you unequivocal me to further questions about this? I slant propose this report to my buddys too.

  3. Lizi has always been known for the music but after watching this I will remember her for chaos as well – but in a good way. This has reminded me of the Pompei gig all those years ago where multi-million dollar equipment was hauled in for the boys to have some fun.

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