My Favorite Secret Spots To Eat In Aggieland

Aggieland RestaurantsCollege Station has been my home for 8 years.  In this time I have made a lot of friends and seen them move on to bigger cities with careers, spouses and kids (agh!).  The time has finally come for me to move on too, and I am now calling Dallas, Texas home.  So if you live there, let’s be friends and make videos and eat delicious food together.

Speaking of delicious food, for the time that I have been in College Station, I’ve been looking for the best places to go out to eat.  Now, DO NOT confuse the term “best place” with any other terms such as “fine dining”, “accepts credit cards”, “expensive atmosphere”, or “english speaking required”, because that is not what I am referring to.  When I say BEST PLACE, I mean the food is going to blow your mind and you’ll be willing to sacrifice comforts such as english and credit cards to get just a taste.

You may have heard of some of these places, and I may have even been the one to introduce you to some of them, but I can guarantee you that none of them will be heavily populated by sorority girls wanting Margaritas, or even other College Students for that matter.  If you’re a local, you (probably) have been to these places and love them.  If you’re an adventurous food lover, you’ve probably been to many of these restaurants before as well.

Some may say I’m breaking the rules by revealing all the good places College Station and Bryan offer to eat.  But, I’m moving so I have no worry about crowded restaurants.  And I have all of Dallas to explore now; so please, if you live in Dallas, let me know of some good places to chow.

On to the restaurants!  These are in no particular order, but I have made an attempt to say what kind of food they offer, and which menu item you should order.  There are in-depth reviews for each of these on my Yelp Profile.  If I missed any, please let me know in the comments.


flipandpeelburgersFlip & Peel (Burgers and Fries)
Location: Post Oak Mall Food Court
What to Order:  The Bacon Double and New Republic Pork Fries





Stover Bros CafeStover Bros Cafe (Southern Comfort Food)
Location: Village Foods
What to Order:  Slider Burgers, and Chicken and Dumplings (on Tuesdays)
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




ShannonsShannon’s (Southern Comfort Food)
Location: On Highway 21 in Bryan
What to order: Beef Tips, Chicken and Waffles if you get there before 10am.





Taqueria El TioTaqueria El Tio (Mexican food)
Location: Past Downtown Bryan
What to Order: Quesadilla (the best one you’ll ever have in your life)
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Papa PerezPapa Perez (Mexican Food)
Location: Downtown Bryan
What to Order: Fried Stuffed Avocado
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




El ValeEl Vale (Mexican Food)
Location: Deep Bryan
What to Order: Everything – it’s all fresh and delicious. Try the tacos and enchiladas
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp





El Sol De MexicoEl Sol De Mexico
Location: Texas Ave. in Bryan
What to Order: The #4 – 2 Enchiladas, Rice, Beans, and a full order of Beef Fajitas for $8.
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Martins Place BBQMartins Place (BBQ)
Location: S College Avenue in Bryan
What To Order: The Ribs for $9 but if you’re wanting to save $ get the chopped beef sandwich for $2.
*Photo by Ed Y on Yelp





Pollys CocinaPolly’s Cocina (Mexican Food)
Location: Downtown Bryan on Hwy 21
What To Order: Enchiladas.  Get extra salsa to put on everything, it’s so good you can drink it.
*Photo by Arrott S on Yelp




Sodolaks BeefmastersSodolak’s Beefmasters Steakhouse
Location: Bryan on Hwy 21
What to Order:  14-16 ounce steak (medium rare) with Fried Okra and Mashed Potatoes), and get some Chicken Fried Bacon while you’re at it.





Jin's Asian CafeJin’s Asian Cafe (Asian)
Location: Just off University Drive across from North Side Garage
What To Order:  Orange Chicken
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




CenareCenare (Italian)
Location:  College Station on University Drive
What To Order:  Lasagna
*Photo by Steve M on Yelp




FrittellaFrittella (Italian)
Location: Bryan on Texas Ave
What To Order:  The Frittella
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




La Union Tienda Y RestaurantLa Union Tienda Y Restaurant (Salvadoran)
Location: Bryan
What to order: Pupusas
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Centro AmericanCentro American Restaurant and Pupuseria (Salvadoran and Central American)
Location: College Station on Dominick
What to order: Pupusas
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Primo PizzaPrimo Pizza (Pizza)
Location: Texas Ave in College Station
What to Order: Anything – best pizza in town.
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp





Zand'sZand’s Persian Kebabs (Persian)
Location: Bryan on Texas Ave
What to order: The Lamb (Kubideh) or the Fish and Chips
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp





Proudest MonkeyProudest Monkey (Burgers and Tacos)
Location: Downtown Bryan
What to Order: Fried Plantains & Yucca, and a burger.
*Photo by Victor R on Yelp




Bayerische BrauhausBayerische Brauhaus (German)
Location: Downtown Bryan
What to order: Jaegerschnizel
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




La Espiga DoradaLa Espiga Dorada (Mexican Bakery)
Location: Downtown Bryan
What to order:  Tacos and Empanadas
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Lew's BBQLew’s BBQ (BBQ)
Location: College Station food truck usually in the lot behind the military surplus store and Primo Pizza
What to order: BBQ Tacos
*Photo by Greg D on Yelp




Leave me a comment if I forgot any good restaurants in town!  And if you’re in Dallas, send me a message and let’s go get something to eat!

  1. Most people seem to know about Caffe Capri in Downtown Bryan but I'm always amazed that it's so empty at lunch. It's lunch prices are comparable to sandwich shops. I always get the Pesto Ravioli and the Chocolate Kahlua Cake and have never gone away unhappy.

    • I did consider putting Caffe Capri on the list, but like you said, a lot of people already know about it and I have many friends that go there. It is a nice place though. 🙂

    • Oh man I forgot about that place. I don't eat there very often but it's the only place in town you can get a good Quiche. 🙂
      And yea, you were right about the hours. They close at 4 some days which is kinda ridiculous.

  2. Matt, check out Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum. Killer pizza man, seriously. Next time I'm in Dallas, I'll send you a message and we'll dine like (poor) kings.

    Also, no love for Shiraz?

    • I'll check it out for sure! I love a good pizza place. And yes, I skipped Shiraz because it has grown pretty popular over the years. I like it, but I like Zand's so much more!

  3. I also consider the list from Caffe Capri on, but like you said, a lot of people already know this, I have a lot of friends that go there.

  4. MATT, the list is really super, The burger looks so yummy. I just pleased to read the total reading and got a superb taste from it. Thank you so much. Keep posting like this MATT.

  5. Ana Dcruze, you are 100% right and I fully agree with you. I ate Zand’s Persian Kebabs (Persian) and it was a great experience for me. Still, it refreshes my mind. Thanks!!

    • above food looks so yummy…cant wait to try it out.. Share your experience on other type of food specially pizza..I ll plan someday and would definitely goona try…

  6. Burger looks so yummy…thanks for sharing the list of restaurants. It would be great help for all those who are new to this place..So that they can get the best food their…

  7. You should try Molly's in downtown Bryan. It's SO good. Everything is fresh and homemade. I definitely suggest the cream of potato soup.

  8. I always love to go different type of restaurants, where I taste Chinese food and this is the perfect place for me. I will definitely go there. Thank you so much for sharing the list of amazing restaurents. Keep posting

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