Resurrection Culture // Antioch Dallas Sermon Video

The Beard on CameraSince moving to Dallas last August, I’ve made a lot of new friends, rekindled some old friendships, and became more connected with the people that make this city great. These connections have mainly come from my new membership at WELD collaborative workspace and Antioch Dallas, my new church. One of my favorite friendships is with this one guy, Stephen Murray. He’s one of the most talented guys I know and he pretty much makes anything he touches awesome. So when he asked me to help film Antioch’s latest sermon video I knew I had to do it. We met up on the SMU campus in the Owens Arts Center and filmed over approximately four hours.

The concept for the latest sermon series is Resurrection Culture, which Stephen puts best when he says, “Resurrection Culture” – through faith in Christ, God has raised us from death to walk in newness of life in Him. We’ll be focusing on values that distinguish a life and culture who are living from the resurrection side of the cross.” To create a video that resonates with the Resurrection Culture theme, Stephen had our talent, Lahela, draw waves in charcoal while we filmed her. The waves represent baptism as we are buried underwater and then raised to life in Christ.

Of course there is a twist to the video (all good videos have a twist), and this one was one that I didn’t even see coming. One hour before filming, Stephen sent a text informing me that I would be in the video as well. I’m usually behind the camera, but my beard does enjoy the attention so I agreed. Spoiler alert for the video: I didn’t actually draw the heart. My talents are squarely in the video and photo realm, and when it comes to me drawing something, even something I have a photo of, it’s like my brain and my hand become disconnected. So Lahela drew it, and we faked me drawing it. But it looked pretty realistic! Right? Right! (I’m gonna keep telling myself that.)

If you want to visit Antioch Dallas, this video will be playing before the sermons for the next two months so you can expect to see my bearded face on film if you stop by.

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