How To Film A Wedding: Behind The Scenes of Noah & Mal | Planning, Gear, Establishing Shots (Part 1)

Want to know how to film a wedding? This video series is going to show you exactly how I film a real wedding! In this video, you can come along to the wedding with my wife Rachel and I as we cover:

  • Pre-production/planning for the wedding
  • The EXACT gear that we use to film
  • How we film establishing shots of the venue and ceremony site (with a Phantom 4 Pro drone!).

You may remember my previous behind-the-scenes video that I made for the wedding trailer, and if not, you can watch those here:
Wedding Trailer:
Wedding Trailer BTS:

And this is just part one! I have three more parts coming that will cover how we film every aspect of the wedding, from the bride and groom getting dressed and reading their notes, to our ceremony setup and camera locations, to the reception with the exact lighting and audio gear that we use. There was also a massive lightning storm that almost ruined the entire reception(!), so you’ll get to see how we handled that.

Watch the wedding film for this BTS:
Gear I used to film this wedding:

Special thanks to my friend Paul Bailey for helping out with filming this BTS: Be sure to check out Paul Bailey’s work at:

INSANE lowlight main camera:
My favorite wide angle lens:
The lens that is on my camera 80% of the time:
Killer ND filter/adapter for these lenses:
Best drone ever:
Filters for the best drone ever:
Mega comfy shoulder bag:
BEEFY electronic gimbal:
Fantastic video monopod:
Ridiculously tiny audio recorder and mic:
Prism for fancy in-camera effects:
FAST video editing laptop:
Indestructible camera case:
Light & sturdy travel tripod:
Portable LED Lighting Kit:

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