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😍 Download my a7S III Settings Preset

Here is how I have my Sony a7S III menus setup for filming weddings and other events in the “Run & Gun” style of filmmaking. Meaning: quick setup times, near-instantaneous changing of frame rates and resolution, & rapid dialing in of settings like white balance, aperture, and ISO. And because the Sony FX3 has the same menu, this video applies to it as well!

This will be a two-part series because I don’t want to just tell you what settings I use; I also want to tell you why I chose them. This video dives deep into the menus and tells you how to access what you need and ignore what you don’t.

Part two will show you how to set up the camera’s custom menu, buttons, function menu, and mode dial, which will keep you from essentially NEVER needing to dive into the menus ever again! You’ll be able to change all your settings with one or two button presses, which is ideal for fast filmmaking. Watch Part 2!

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