Download this Mavic 2 Pro footage for free! | 10-Bit, DLog-M, HLG & 2.7K 60fps

Download the Mavic 2 Pro clips here:
The evening my Mavic 2 Pro arrived, I took it out and filmed some sunset video at a variety of framerates and resolutions, including:

4K at 24fps HQ in 10-Bit DLog-M, HLG, and Normal Picture Profiles
4K at 24fps Full FOV in 8-Bit DLog-M, HLG, and Normal Picture Profiles
2.7K in 60fps Full FOV in 8-Bit DLog-M, HLG, and Normal Picture Profiles
All clips were shot with “Style” set to none and Sharpness, Contrast, and Saturation all set to “0”. I exposed each clip for the highlights, so some (especially the Normal Picture Profile clips) may look a bit dark.

I know that many of you are considering picking up a #mavic2pro, so I am making this footage available for you to download for free for personal use, so you can test how the footage looks without YouTube compression, how your computer edits it, and how it color grades.
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Edited using Adobe Premiere. Download a free trial here:

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