Matthew 11:28-30, By Curt Vernon

This is the third song that Curt Vernon played at 5am in Panama City Florida during Beach Reach. For more background on this video, please see my previous posts where Curt played Revival Song and How Could I.  For more on Curt, check out his free CD for download on my site, or watch the music video I made for him!

Matthew 11:28-30 was essentially a jam session.  The only lyrics were the original 3 verses.  Everything else you see and hear was pure worship of God.  I never anticipated the actual song taking 17 minutes, but worship isn’t constrained by the common song lengths that so many praise songs seem to be these days.

For more information and for those of you that don’t know what Beach Reach is, I recommend either watching my Beach Reach 2009 video or visiting Threads Media’s official Beach Reach page.

Streaming Links for Matthew 11:28-30 are below.

Matthew 11 28-30 (With Intro)

Matthew 11 28-30

I’ve got a great idea for another Beach Reach video, hopefully it will be up in a few weeks.

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  1. this MIGHT just be my new favorite song… and I really like that all these songs are so long!

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