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TogetherMaverick. Marla. Aren’t those the coolest names ever? For real. I like these guys a lot!   Maverick makes videos much like I do, but with a name like that it’s pretty obvious that he specializes in surfing videos or something radical of that nature.  Keeping in mind this is Texas and the only waves we get are two feet high in Corpus Christi, Maverick is limited to filming land surfing, or as the locals call it – skateboarding.

Maverick’s love for film is so great, that their wedding was made completely around that theme.  From a movie slate groom’s cake to the minister that spoke extensively about how their wedding resembled a movie, everything felt like Hollywood.  I guess that made me the paparazzi.  I got to follow them around, film their happiness, and even get ideas for my own wedding.

I feel like you wouldn’t really understand their wedding day without knowing that they are both total goofballs.  Maverick possesses a penchant for theatricality, which is only rivaled by how much Marla encourages it.  For example, when Maverick proposed, he took Marla onto the Baylor campus, set her down on a bench and disappeared around the side of a building.  Five minutes later he emerged, decked out in a children’s plastic suit of armor, riding a REAL white horse to ask her to marry him!  This theatricality is fully visible in their highlight when Maverick states his vows to Marla.

So to sum it up, they are both hilariously goofy, theatrical, film loving people that I love and was very happy to film and hangout with.  I love unique people.

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