Filmmaking & Beards Q&A! Camera & Facial Hair Tips | LIVE STREAM

Hey! Let’s talk about beards and cameras!
📷 Filmmaking gear I use:

TIMESTAMPS BELOW (courtesy of Albert Arriola)
2:45 – a7iii
5:10 – shooting weddings solo
7:37 – how to market yourself
11:05 – beard products lol (i have no facial hair)
12:01 – red dragon
12:50 – pricing and how to charge
17:00 – edit and outsource
20:35 – how did you convince rachel of video work
21:52 – how to get a first gig with no work done
22:28 – what cameras are you using
23:20 – a7sii, a7riii, or gh5 or m50 canon
27:30 – how to white balance on the fly
29:19 – what lenses to use
33:25 – how to deal with using a drone in bad weather
34:40 – replacing a7rii and a7sii for an a7riii
36:00 – how many weddings this year
37:30 – hard drive space
38:33 – dvd or blu ray delivery
40:51 – do you give raw footage
44:10 – tips for marketing to a region without a wedding film industry
47:30 – how do you color grade
48:55 – can’t fix S-log footage
51:11 – how much do you try to steer the bride where to have shots taken
53:30 – do you offer consulting
53:42 – are you guys an LLC
55:10 – converting to pro res before edits
56:25 – still on a7sii?
57:10 – candids or pose your couple
58:23 – Sony or gh5 for $2000 budget
59:40 – bucketlist for weddings
1:00:04 – how long is too long to deliver the wedding video
1:01:25 – tips for beginning videographer marketing pricing
1:03:55 – best way to get bookings
1:06:50 – wedding contracts
1:08:50 – what do you use for CRM tracking and expenses
1:12:22 – what made you decide to become a videographer
1:13:07 – were you home schooled
1:13:50 – how do you feel about working for companies that contract you to shoot weddings
1:15:05 – can you use 32gb of ram for 2 slots
1:16:28 – tips from a having a creative block
1:19:03 – tips on moving to commercial stuff from weddings
1:21:30 – what kind of insurance do you have for your business

INSANE lowlight main camera:
My favorite wide angle lens:
The lens that is on my camera 80% of the time:
Killer ND filter/adapter for these lenses:
Best drone ever:
Filters for the best drone ever:
Mega comfy shoulder bag:
BEEFY electronic gimbal:
Fantastic video monopod:
Ridiculously tiny audio recorder and mic:
Prism for fancy in-camera effects:
FAST video editing laptop:
Indestructible camera case:
Light & sturdy travel tripod:
Portable LED Lighting Kit:

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