Konova K3B2 Slider Review // It’s Better Than Cinevate and Kessler!

I’ve been researching buying a new camera slider for quite some time and after weighing the pros and cons of many companies, I finally made a decision.  I reviewed the offers from Cinevate, Kessler, Konova, and many others before deciding on the Konova K3B2 80cm slider.  It was a really good choice, especially for the price.

Konova is one of those companies that is just becoming popular in America and while they don’t have the best marketing (or translation team), their product is competitive with the best offerings from the USA.  Before going with the Konova I tried out a Cinevate Atlas and Kessler Crane Cineslider, both of which are very high quality.  I was really wanting the Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly but could not justify the price ($1,200) or waiting for it to be back in stock (they sell out extremely fast every time they make a new batch).  The Cinevate Atlas 10 was extremely nice but still expensive ($620) and I could borrow a friend’s if I ever needed it.

That left me with a lot of lesser known brands of sliders.  I knew that I wanted one with ball bearings and not drylin rails, because they are not smooth enough for my preference.  I had read on Cheesycam about Konova.  It was listed on Amazon.com for $350 and had good reviews (though not many) so I figured it was worth taking a chance.  Originally I ordered from an Amazon.com company based out of Florida called  Crawford’s Superstore with the thought that because it was a US based company shipping would be faster than ordering directly from Korea – a few states is closer than halfway around the world after all.  This is where everything went wrong.  I received a tracking number from Crawford’s stating that my order would arrive in two days.  Sure enough, two days later I received not my package, but a postcard stating “your product has been shipped” with the tracking number attached to it.  This meant that instead of my actual camera slider having a tracking number, the postcard was the item that was being tracked.  Unable to find another tracking number I decided to wait until the 5-7 day shipping window finished to see if Crawford’s would actually deliver my slider.

The next week, nine days after ordering two days past the shipping window given by Amazon I gave Crawford’s Superstore a call after digging through many pages of their Amazon store page and finding it at the very bottom.  I spoke to someone that informed me that their warehouse had a mix-up and they were actually out of sliders.  Also, there was a “national shortage” of Konova Sliders and they were all backordered from Korea.  He said they would arrive in ten days and then he would rush ship one to me as well as give me a 50 dollar credit.  I agreed to that and waited ten more days.  After ten days I called and spoke to a different employee of Crawfords that told me she had called me earlier that day to inform me about the status of my order.  I had received no phone calls that morning.  She then informed me that the sliders were being held in customs and it would be anywhere from 2-3 more weeks before they would be released.  Once again I was promised expedited shipping and a $50 credit (not two $50 credits at this rate, just one – if they all stacked I probably would have had a free camera slider before it actually arrived).

I had learned from this mistake and promptly cancelled my order and requested a refund.  I ordered a Konova K3B2 camera slider directly from the manufacturer in Korea through Amazon and within three days it had arrived from Korea.  No customs issues, no warehouse problems, just quick shipping for only $5.  I will never buy anything from Crawford’s again and would recommend that if you do order from them to make sure you check to see if your tracking number is for your actual product or just a postcard that will lie to you about the status of your order.  I have had several people contact me about needing to get in touch with Crawford’s Superstore due to problems with their order or needing to file a complaint etc.  Here is Crawford’s contact information with address and phone number if you need to get in touch with them:

Crawford’s Superstore Address:  5937 Anglers Ave. , H9 Fort Lauderdale FL 33312-6673  (I found the address on the postcard they sent me about my slider).
Crawford’s Superstore Phone Number: 1-800-817-8795 (Phone number copied from their Amazon storefront at the bottom).

But I digress, on to the actual review of this slider.  IT IS AWESOME!

I purchased the 80cm K3B2 because I wanted something longer than my old slider’s 24 inches but not as long as a 36 inch slider (or longer) due to it needing two tripods for stability.  The box comes with a very nice bag, the slider, two bags for the legs, a set of pliers and allen wrenches to adjust the tension of the bearings, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and oil sills for lubricating the slider rails.  The bag itself is rather useless because once you put a tripod head on the slider (I used a Manfrotto 701 fluid tripod head that works great – get one on Amazon or B&H) it isn’t big enough to fit the head inside the bag as well.

The sliding movement (why I bought the slider in the first place) is very smooth and adjustable depending on how much you tighten or loosen the screw.  There are also a lot of little things that really make this slider a joy to use.  Benefits such as measurement ticks for centimeter-precise movement, a metal locking screw, a bumper to keep the carriage from slamming into the track, rubber ends on the all-terrain feet, and easy expandability in the form of a crank handle and belt or motorized system really make this slider awesome.  You can watch the video above for a breakdown of all these little enhancements.

The features on the Konova K3B2 either match or exceed the Cinevate Atlas and it even keeps up with the Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly.  I highly recommend purchasing this slider if you would like to increase the production value in your videos.

Keep checking back at this post as I will be updating it with links to my latest video projects that have used the Konova K3B2.


  1. hi just a quick question this Konova you ordered is from Korea right? how long it will take until you got the item in the US? And how it will be connected in the tripod, i guess you forgot to show what's underneath the slider. Thanks.

    • Hi Eric,

      The Konova is from Korea, correct. I ordered it direct from them through Amazon and it came in 3 days. $5 standard shipping. And the K3B2 takes either 3/8 or 1/4. I use 3/8.

  2. Thanks for all the great information. Can I mount the Konova slider on a pair of light stands for improved stability instead of a single centre-mounted tripod?

    • You're welcome! Yes, the Konova has 1/4 and 3/8 inch mounting holes on both ends, as long as your light stand has one of those mounts you should be good to go. I've used two tripods before and while it is more stable, your tradeoff will be more gear to haul around. Such is the video life though 🙂

  3. Matt, can you tell me about the noise when the camera moves on these slide?
    Best regards

    • I had an indislidermini before the Konova and it was very loud. The Konova with its oiled bearings is very quiet. You should be able to get away with slides and not having your audio compromised.

  4. Matt, you prefer the Konovo in your review on 6/20, but then credit Kessler in 'Seth and Shawna' on 7/02 , and the indiSLIDERmini in 'Sheridan & Wes on 9/04. Do you still standby you Konovo recommendation even though you used the competition *after* your Konovo review? (nice work, no matter which slider 🙂 And on which projects did you use the Konovo? (checking back as you asked)

    • Thanks for the comment Phil. I used the Kessler in a wedding shoot in December 2011, a friend rented it. Sheridan and Wes' video was filmed in September of 2011. I purchased the Konova in June. 🙂 Sorry if it all was a bit confusing. All my latest video projects have used the Konova and I love it. I'll be sure to note when I filmed my videos from now on.

  5. Hi, I have had this slider for over a year now and must say for the price it is the best. Real quality piece of kit. I have lost one of the oil cleaning bearings and was wondering if anyone knew where to get a replacement?

  6. Hi Matt ! Great work on this review. Do you know what is the pratical difference between K3 and K2 series ?

  7. hello! what do you think of the varavon s900? seem better in "numbers" more wide, wider shaft diameter…. do you think it's better 3 big or 4 small bearing? do you think it's ok the k3 for a d800 and videomic and heavy lens? thank you Matt

    • Hey Simone,

      The Varavon may be slightly more stable than the Konova, but I can say that the Konova carries my 7D with a battery grip and large lens just fine. Konova says the K3 slider is rated to hold up to 44 pounds, so unless you're shooting with a massive lens you should be good.

      Keep in mind how strong of a tripod head you'll need for your slider. My Manfrotto 701 head works well. I also would recommend the Manfrotto MH057M0-Q5 057 Ball head if you're really worried about weight.

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