How To Build A Video Editing Computer | $850 Ryzen PC Beginners Build Guide | 2017

Full list of parts used in this build:
My brother is getting into video editing and asked me to build the best video editing computer I could for $850. I said yes, as long as I get to make a video about it!
I’m now going to show you all the parts that I bought as well as tell you why I bought them. Then I’m going to show you exactly how to put them all together, and at the end I’ll press the power button and hopefully(!) everything will work.

Full parts list for this build:
– Powerful yet cheap CPU:
– Great bang-for-your-buck motherboard:
– Blazing fast SSD (the one I should have bought):
– 16 Glorious Gigabytes of RAM:
– Killer graphics card:
– Hefty power supply:
– Gorgeous (and cheap) case:
– Keyboard with Macros (and RGB!):
– Gorgeous monitor that won’t make you poor:
– Best mouse I’ve ever used:


4K and 1080p renders were made of the same 5-minute wedding film with various effects and a lut applied. You can watch the wedding film here:

The settings that I used for the 4K render are 3840×2160 at 100mbps. I fully cover the settings in this video:

The settings that I used for the 1080p Render are 1920×1080 at 40mbps. I fully cover the settings in this video:

I ran 3 renders of a 4K version of the wedding film, and 3 renders of the 1080p version of the wedding film and averaged the times.

I also compared these render times to my more powerful editing PC with an Intel 6950x with 10 cores, 20 threads.


– 28 minutes for a 4K render of the 5-minute wedding video.

– 10 minutes for a 1080p render of the 5-minute wedding video.

In comparison, my current editing PC that I built last year resulted in the following:

– 17 Minutes for the 4K render of the 5-minute wedding video.

– 5 minutes for the 1080p render of the 5-minute wedding video.


For the price, this AMD Ryzen build is quite speedy and I wholeheartedly recommend it for both 1080p and 4K video editing. I was quite impressed by how well it handled the footage.

If you want even more speed, and are planning on shooting a lot more 4K, then I would consider the faster AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with its 6-cores and 12-threads of speed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Filmmaking gear I love:

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  1. Hi Matt… I saw the whole video without skipping a single second… I mostly do automobile photo and video editing (Photoshop&Adobe Premier) I'm currently using a HP laptop with a intel inside CORE i3… and it sucks badly… it hangs/lags/frozen screen for hours… I NEED HELP… i live in Malaysia and 90% of the stuff you use can't be bought from the local store… could you make a video or maybe just the item list be more universal? I don't very often purchase from online due to bad experiences before… and converting USD to our local currency is quadruple the value… hope you can help me…

    MAIN GOAL – fast video and photo editing… gaming, not so to be priorities…

  2. Hi Matt,
    Great video – Thank you for that.

    Hos Well does this Bild with 4-K videoes?
    I need everything to go smooth, to save time.

    Thank you.

    • Hey thanks! This should work decently for 4K videos. I would upgrade the CPU to a Ryzen 5 1600 for better 4K editing performance.

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