Create HD Youtube Videos Using Sony Vegas

Looking to get the best video quality possible with the new YouTube widescreen player? How about encoding settings that will make your videos look phenomenal in High Definition? This tutorial will show you how to use Sony Vegas and the Divx codec to optimize your video encoding settings and make them totally rock!

If you’re the type that doesn’t like reading, feel free to watch the full tutorial video below. Or, if you’re more into reading with big pictures that make things really simple, you can read the full article here.

::: Tutorial :::

You will need two things for this tutorial:

Sony Vegas Video Editing Software (Link to Sony’s site with Free Trial)

The Divx Media Codec (Link to the official Divx site with Free Download Link)

Download and install both Sony Vegas as well as the Divx Codec.

Start Sony Vegas and click:


This will open the New Project Window.


Template:  HDV 720-30p (1280×720, 29.970 fps)

Field Order: None (Progressive Scan)

Full-Resolution Rendering Quality: Best

Motion Blur Type: Gaussian

Deinterlace Method: None

Import your video files and edit them as necessary.

When finished editing click:

File>Render As…

This will open the Render As Window:


File Name: (Enter Your File Name)

Save As Type:  Video For Windows (*.avi)

Template: HDV 720-30p intermediate

Click the button labeled “Custom”

This will open the Custom Template – Video For Windows Window

Select the “Project” Tab


Video Rendering Quality: Best

Select the “Video” Tab


Frame Size: HDV 720 (1,280×720)

Frame Rate: 29.970 (NTSC)

Field Order: None (Progressive Scan)

Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0000

Video Format: Divx 6.8.5 Codec (1 Logical CPU)

Click the button labeled “Configure” next to the Video Format box.

This will open the Divx Codec Properties Box

Ensure the “Main” tab is selected.


Certification Profile: 720HD Profile (Make sure this is selected!  If it isn’t the video will not render.)

Encoding Presets: Slide the selection bar over until the number reads “8”.

Rate Control: 1-Pass

Bitrate: 3000 kbps

Click the “Ok” button.

Select the “Audio” Tab


Audio Format: Mpeg Layer-3

Attributes: 56 kBit/s 24,000 Hz, Stereo

Click the text next to the “Template” box at the top of the window.

Rename the Template “Youtube HQ” or something else that you will remember.

Click the “Save” button to the right of the text box.

Click “Ok” at the bottom of the window.

Click “Save” to render your video.

Upload your video to Youtube and enjoy your new Widescreen High Definition Masterpiece!

Note: If you would like to be able to view your video in High Definition on youtube, you can do so by adding “&fmt=22” to the end of your video urls.

So, instead of your video url being:

It would be:

  1. Great Explanation, i already knew, but this helped me explain to my friend how to get it to work.

    Thank You very much Matt.

  2. It takes ages to save.I waited about 30 minutes and it was only 7% and it was a 3 min video:|

  3. vERY COOL – i'M RENDERING NOW – i WASN'T ABLE TO (OOPS CAPS LOCK) set the audio to the MPEG Layer 3, So I am leaving it uncompressed – it is a music video and YouTube will do it's compression anyways. Will let you know how it comes out – thanks Matt. I'm wondering if I should use the DiVX for when I render for a Blu-Ray disc too ???? hmmmm.

  4. When I select MPEG Layer-3 it says that there are no supported formats. =[ This is Sony Vegas 9. Any way I can resolve this problem? Or is there an alternative to MPEG Layer-3? Cause when I leave it as PCM uncompressed the video lags behind the audio…

    • I ran into that problem with both Vegas 7 and 9. I was unfortunately unable to come across an solution, but I do have several workarounds to the problem that I use now.

      If you're still really wanting to use Divx for your uploads I recommend downloading "Super" video encoder. You can get it here: Then, when rendering videos in Sony Vegas, I would just render them in Uncompressed AVI (warning this results in massive file sizes but you can delete the large file after converting). Then open Super and convert the video to Divx. This will let you convert them to Divx and have the audio as MP3. I rendered in this way for about a year.

      Your other alternative, and this doesn't have nearly as many steps, is to select .MP4 as your video rendering format and render the video out in h.264. I think this tutorial on YouTube should help you out with that:

      I have been using h.264 for a while now and I can get great looking 1080p video with a relatively small filesize.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


  5. Nice job Matt, thanks very informative…

    I am uploading now something.. on HD

    well it is still uploading the 700 MB AVI. If you wanna see my channel it's still the start just got a hold of the community TV camcorder Porn anyone? this my youtube but please weight few days I can get it in order an kicking.

  6. I followed your steps but get an error when I try to save the file and it's rendering. Something like "selected codec does not support certain render settings"

    Going thru your walkthru and video, the only issue I see is that you have a template named HDV 720-30p Intermediate (?) I don't have the "intermediate" part

    Any help?

  7. Matt,

    You rock. How come I didn't find this post the first 435 times I looked? Doh!

    So, have you used: DivX Pro?, enhanced muti-threading in 6.8.5, or any of the other settings?

    Why the 1 cpu setting?

    …and thanks again!!


    oh, RaawrShinigami, I'm using 9b and it works.

  8. hi!..I've followed every step and it lookd great.

    But after uploading on YouTube it goes at intervals! it's hasn't a fluid motion….WHY????

    ( my native files are .MOV 1280×[email protected])

    thanks a lot…please help me.

    • Are you sure that you selected "None (Progressive Scan)" for the field order in the project settings? Also make sure "Interpolate Fields" is selected!

  9. Hi,

    Thanks a lot man, this really helped! Can you tell me what settings I should use for 1080 youtube quality? And also what if my video is 4:3 (recorded gameplay with fraps) what would I need to do to make it full screen? I've tried disabling 'maintain aspect ratio' but then it get's stretched and looks weird.

    Thanks in forward 🙂

    • If you're recording in 4:3 then you can make it widescreen but you will either end up stretching the video or having to crop the top and bottom of the video to make it fit. If you want to make it 1080p on YouTube you will have to do one of these two things though. If the video is blurry try increasing the bitrate of the video. Thanks!

  10. Hi again,

    Just finished rendering, video is blurry.. any idea's how come?

  11. hey thanks a bunch! this is the only way that has actually worked!

    could someone tell me how zoom in on my clips? im using FRAPS to capture video from netflix and since FRAPS records my whole screen i get black all around the actual video.

    here is an example (of the problem) that i put up last night (thanks to this page)

    please help!


    • Hey Dusty, in Vegas you're going to want to click the event pan/crop button. Check out this tutorial for help…


  12. hi! thanks for the great video, helpful. but I am stuck going into pulling up the divx screen. I followed your directions to the letter and it downloaded the divx codec no problem. when I get to that part it doesn't give me the option to configure (it's there but it is not 'pushable', you know?) I thought maybe it was because the codec version I installed was too new (9.0 version) so I went back and installed exactly the one you have, 6.8.5, still same thing. any ideas? thanks in advance!

  13. hi! never mind, I restarted things and it did it eventually (??) tried to delete previous comment, can't… thanks again!

  14. hey matt does this work on mobile videos that have the worst quality… i put my video up and it looks very ugly…

    • This technique isn't so much about improving the quality of videos that you have taken, it's more about taking your high quality videos and making sure that they show up on Youtube in high quality as well. If your quality is low you might want to look into using a plugin called "neat video", you can check it out here:


  15. I followed your steps but get an error when I try to save the file and it's rendering. Something like "selected codec does not support certain render settings

  16. Hello Matt,
    I have download sony vegas. I don't know why it doesn't work. As i open it, it crashes.
    i think its because i have downloaded the crack version for here….
    any solution>

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