Gungor :: Brother Moon Collaboration

This past September, my good friend Liz brought to my attention that Gungor’s Video DJ (see the above video for a definition of Video DJ) was having an artistic collaboration for their CD release concert.  Gungor’s new song, Brother Moon was, as Stephen put it, crying out for an epic artistic collaboration.  Having been a longtime fan of Gungor and seeing that the only requirements for the artistic collaboration was that it be able to be viewed on a projector, I quickly set about creating a video that visually represented the song.

Over the past two years, I have been filming various timelapses around the country.  I decided to use all of these timelapse videos for an epic video that could be chopped up as Stephen saw fit and played during the song.  When Stephen finished remixing my video for the collaboration, I was surprised to see that pretty much the entire second half of the song was used in Gungor’s video.  This meant that my videos would be played behind Gungor at their concert!  Not much beats public performance of your work, especially when it is in the context of being played with many other talented artists.  To God be the glory.  I’ve embedded the remixed video that played during Gungor’s CD release concert below.