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Memory is such an important part of our lives.  I never had the chance to attend Aggie Bonfire myself, but I heard stories of the 90 year tradition, and how it was a symbol of the Aggie Spirit.  When tragedy struck on November 18, 1999, I was only in the 7th grade.  I remember seeing the news stories and the footage of the stack in smoking ruins.  Aggies everywhere responded with cries of “We Remember Them”, and five years later the bonfire memorial stood on the exact same spot where the bonfire burned.  Every year at 2:42am, family members, students, and alumni come together to remember the bonfire.  It was a physical representation of the fire burning in each Aggie that is the Aggie Spirit, and it will never be forgotten.

I hope this video captured even a small piece of the Aggie Spirit that night.  It was one of the most solemn nights and yet it was filled with a quiet strength.  As Aggies everywhere look to the past while moving into the future, no one can doubt that while bonfire itself may be gone, the Aggie Spirit endures forever.

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