Answering your questions about AUDIO! With guest Oliver J Hughes

Oliver Hughes and I are here to answer all of your audio questions! Full table of contents of questions below!
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00:00 Intros
02:49 Who has the better beard?
03:32 What do you think is the most overlooked audio gear that people forget?
05:15 Is the Tascam DR-10L okay to use when the speaker is also using a mic during the reception?
05:42 What Zoom h4n settings do you use?
06:48 What is the ideal gear for recording wedding voiceovers such as letter readings?
09:08 What is the one thing you would say is most important for filming wedding?
10:13 Do you set your Zoom h4n to auto-level? Do you ever plug a lav mic directly into your camera?
12:22 Any recommendations for affordable high-quality lav mics?
14:14 What do you do when a client wants to stop recording for privacy (like going to the restroom) and they are wearing something like a Tascam DR-10L?
15:25 I have my first Interview shoot next week. Do you have any audio recording tips for a beginner? I have a Rode Video Micro
17:15 What is the best level to set your db to when recording?
18:06 I have two Zoom recorders recording simultaneously. When I record for a long period of time, they somehow get out of sync? Has this happened to you?
18:45 Anything catching your eye as far as audio gear you don’t have and would like to upgrade to?
21:50 Do you have any videos about how to edit audio in post?
22:25 Can the Rode Smartlav be used with other devices than a smartphone?
23:24 Typically I’ll shoot with a shotgun mic on top of my camera, but when I use a Zhiyun Crane stabilizer this setup becomes too top heavy. Can you recommend a solution for recording audio with the Crane?
25:01 What do you think about the Takstar SGC-598?
25:15 Sometimes when I plug into the sound board I get a strange buzzing sound. Is there something I can do to fix this?
26:42 My thoughts about the Takstar SGC-598 continued.
27:41 Have you used Da Vinci Resolve 15’s audio tools?
28:36 Any plans for editing in Final Cut Pro in the future?
30:06 What video and audio gear would you suggest for a video newbie?
31:38 Oliver, do you have any videos on your channel about using Adobe Audition?
32:19 Do you record audio into a computer or audio recorder?
33:04 Oliver, other than the DR-10L, what is the best/tiniest recorder that you would recommend?
34:42 What are the possible issues of mixing 44khz with 48khz audio?
35:44 How do you limit clothing rustle when mic-ing under a jacket?
36:51 Over the wedding day, do you keep audio from at least one source always recording? Or do you only record at specific times?
38:21 What Hz should you be exporting your audio?
40:33 What is “The Matt Technique” to record audio at a reception?
41:47 I recorded audio with my Zoom h4n Pro in 4CH mode, but when I opened the audio file, there was just one file for the XLR audio. What happened?
43:19 What was your bare-bones newbie audio setup when starting out?
45:21 How can we identify the correct output on a soundboard to record from?
47:10 How do I use a Zoom h4n with a DSLR in the field?
49:09 Should I sell my Zoom h5 for an h4n pro?
50:59 Is it better to WAV or MP3? Could you tell me more about khz?
52:15 What is the difference between stereo and mono?
54:06 Is the Zoom F1 Field Recorder with shotgun attachment any good?
54:29 What is the best way to avoid wind noise with a lapel mic?
55:22 DJs usually direct me to an XLR out on a speaker for recording audio. Would an AUX out on the speaker be higher quality than this?
57:17 Should I use MP3 or WAV in Premiere Pro?
57:54 What is your favorite purchase of audio gear this year?
59:12 How do you know your audio levels on the Zoom h4n?
1:00:12 Is recording in a higher KHz and Bitrate better?
1:01:25 When do you take the lav mic off the couple after the ceremony?
1:02:40 What is the best setup for a Zoom h4n and a shotgun mic?
1:04:41 Any tips for recording audio in a short film?
1:05:45 Would it be weird to ask the people toasting to re-record their toasts if the audio is peaking?
1:08:41 Myth or Fact? Using 44.1 KHz audio will cause more audio drift than 48KHz audio when syncing audio with Mirrorless/DSLR cameras.
1:10:20 What’s the best mic to buy if you have a small budget?
1:12:57 Do you use Rycote Undercovers?
1:14:06 I’m mic-ing a wedding officiant using a DR-10L and I want to buy a shotgun mic to record the vows. What would you recommend?
1:14:57 Is it possible to fix background noise in recordings?

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