Am I Enough?

I had the chance to attend Metro Live at First Baptist Church, Houston this Summer.  There, Afshin Ziafat spoke to several hundred young adults about the life of David.  He made me think about my plans for my life and where I see God using me.  The talk all came down to one question that God asks us, “If you don’t have the life you envision, am I enough?”

That got me thinking – we are not guaranteed wealth, prosperity, or a roof over our heads.  If I did not make films or do anything like that, would God still be enough?  It’s awesome to think about how God, the creator of the Universe, wants a personal relationship with us.

Think about what God has for you.  What have you been planning out in your life?  Are you going to be alright if God sends you in a different direction?  If you do not have the life you envision for yourself, is God enough?

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