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FlightThere are several things you should know about me, I love making films, eating tacos, and flying.  My love for flying came from my dad’s career as a pilot.  For a while growing up I wanted to be a pilot too, but for now I am content with traveling around the country filming weddings.  That love for flying should explain why I was incredibly excited when I heard Allison and David’s plan for their wedding day would include a plane flight and a reception at the Houston 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

Now when you tell most people you’re going to a wedding where the reception will be in an airport terminal you will receive strange looks.  This airport terminal was unlike any I had been in before, I felt like I was on the set of the Rocketeer or another film from that period.  The coolest thing about this wedding by far was how they arrived at the reception though – they flew, kinda.  After the ceremony, the entire wedding party drove to a hangar at the airport and taxi-ed across the runway in the plane to arrive outside the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

But enough about the awesome airplane theme, on to the couple.  Allison and David were one of the most adventurous couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  They met online, and were engaged when he surprised her while she was in China.  Yes!  He flew halfway around the world to surprise her at her hotel.  This couple is awesome!

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