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The first camera I ever owned was a little Sony point and shoot that could record up to 12 minutes of video to a 512mb memory card. I’ve come a long way since then, and up until October I was shooting with the Sony FS100. It has been a real workhorse that was capable of handling weddings, corporate promos, and short films (not to mention, this review vide0). But lately I have been feeling the limitations of not being able to record in higher resolutions than 1080p and with Sony’s newest color profiles such as S-Log3.

When the Sony A7S2 (or ii, or mark 2, or whatever else you wanna call it) was released by surprise in September, I was one of the first to pre-order from B&H. Thanks to B&H’s excellent shipping, mine arrived on the same day the camera was released. Over the past month and a half, I have used it to film multiple weddings in a variety of conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

Sony A7s2 4k

The same week that the A7S2 arrived, I was having a conversation with my friend Chris about cinematography, and he suggested that I start creating reviews, tips, and training videos aimed at wedding cinematographers. I realized this was a pretty good idea, and that when I was starting to film weddings I had wished I could have free training that would help me get better. Fast forward two months, and this is my first vlog, of what will hopefully be many, aimed at helping wedding cinematographers. So if you are a wedding cinematographer/videographer/friend that was randomly asked to film a wedding/uncle bob in the back of the church with a camera/whatever, and you want to get better at filming and editing weddings, I hope this series will be helpful to you.

With that in mind, I wanted my first video to be useful and specific. Too often I find myself watching a review video of a camera where the reviewer is filming a wall, plant, or test chart and talking about settings for 15 minutes. I want real world examples! Show me what the image looks like on a real shoot! I have tried to do this for you with this review of the Sony A7S2.

Thanks for watching! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the review video or the camera. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it out for you.

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