$3000 4K Video Editing PC for Adobe Premiere Pro | Complete Parts List

❗ Full list of parts used in this build: http://bit.ly/4keditingpc
My friend Noah asked me to help him build a $3000 video editing PC that would edit and render 4K video extremely fast in Adobe Premiere Pro. I said I would love to, as long as I get to make a video about the parts we chose. 🙂

The final result is a computer that rides the line nearly perfectly between price and performance. Read on below to see the parts for this build:

CPU that edits 4K VIDEO like BUTTER: http://geni.us/H7n3R
MOTHERBOARD with USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt support: http://geni.us/BaaVi
SSD (ridiculously fast): http://geni.us/O7Z3
Mega-popular CPU COOLER: http://geni.us/QATLJ
32GB of FAST RAM: http://geni.us/ASQf9
Beastly GRAPHICS CARD: http://geni.us/5Jb2t
Powerful non-expensive POWER SUPPLY: http://geni.us/Rh1uRgJ
Speedy SSD Scratch Drive: http://geni.us/V3ywz2
Stealthy & Professional CASE: http://geni.us/97Jyzy3
OS: http://geni.us/5DKepb
WIFI & Bluetooth Adapter: http://geni.us/EmncYH
Gorgeous 4K MONITOR: http://geni.us/BRBD
KEYBOARD with Macros: http://geni.us/CReBfr
MOUSE (best ever): http://geni.us/yl1xf
Entry-level SPEAKERS: http://geni.us/5jFB
High-End professional SPEAKERS: http://geni.us/etuW
Professional HEADPHONES: http://geni.us/r24VNQ
External DVD DRIVE: http://geni.us/7xUx0E

Check out Puget Systems benchmarks for the 6850K: http://bit.ly/cpubenchmarks
And read their other test articles here: https://www.pugetsystems.com/all_articles.php

How to make your audio sound INCREDIBLE: https://youtu.be/YgoSbPyVYw4
How to film bride and groom prep: https://youtu.be/adgLbURVgZU

HOW TO BUILD A PC (my Ryzen build guide): https://youtu.be/7-s04b5zel8

📷 Filmmaking gear I love: https://kit.com/whoismatt

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