Who Is God?

Hey, My name is Matt Johnson, and I am a complacent Christian.

For over three years, I’ve had a Youtube account, and I recently realized that I haven’t been doing much to glorify God through it.

This is my attempt to change that.

I’m not one to preach, or to attempt to force my beliefs on anyone, because I am incapable of forcing anyone to believe what I believe.  Instead, the Lord simply pressed upon me the need to ask questions.

The first question is, Who is God?  Is He the creator of the universe?  Is He real? Is He a fantasy? Who is God to you?

You can answer this question by leaving me a comment here or contacting me through my website.

I’ve been a lazy Christian for most of my life.  For too long I have been sitting back, and instead of letting God be in control of my life, I’ve been attempting to live for my own glory.

This is my attempt to live for His.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. First of all you have to understand that our religion we don't communicate it on the Internet! Its stupied!

    (sorry for mistakes but I dont know very good English)

  2. Bold statement. I'm proud to call you a friend man. Live it, loudly. Love ya bro.

  3. i think he is the origin the end ,the eternal and creator of one and allll ………….. because he is eternal there is no end to him at all nor to his love

    @gellly dont agree with u at alll……its nt abt the religion nor where u communicate or through wat ….god communicated to us through us through other s our thoughts..,,,leave that thru our every breath….. tat he still there so we stilll are here….. medium is nt an issue for him so y u

  4. Well Matt. I look at it this way. The Hebrew boys in the firery furnece stood on their faith. Dainel waited in the lions den because of his faith. The woman with the issue of blood was not healed because she touched the hem of Jesus' garment but according to her faith is what made her whole. what do you belive, what is your faith? Who is God ? He is your spirit man, the one that lives within you and who he is to you. the one that tells you I won't leave you nor will I forsake you. keep trusting and believing see how He reveals himself to you. I pray the blessing of God be with and in you. Amen

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