Where Do You See Yourself In A Year?

Where do you see yourself in a year?  For most of us, the answer to that question would be “still working” or “hopefully graduating” (In my case).  But for my friend Lauren Williamson, her view of the next year of her life is significantly different.

This August, Lauren leaves on an 11 month journey around the world called “The World Race“.  The best way to understand The World Race is to hear what it’s creators have to say about it.

“The World Race is an 11-month Christian mission trip to 11 different countries around the world, and it’s not your typical missions experience.  It’s a way for young adults to abandon a traditional lifestyle in exchange for a dramatic paradigm shift.

Through adventure, ministry, community, and self-discovery, World Racers develop broken hearts that propel their hands to act for God’s kingdom around the globe.  The best part of the World Race is it’s merely the beginning of a life-long journey.”

That is awesome!

The 11 countries Lauren will be visiting are as follows, Ireland, Romania, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and wherever else in Africa that the Lord leads her.

I don’t want you to view this as just some cool video that I have made.  I want you to look at it as the best medium that Lauren has to tell the world about an amazing opportunity that the Lord has blessed her with.

And if you view this as I do and honestly believe that is a cause worth supporting, then I encourage you to visit Lauren’s site and consider donating, or at the very least lifting her up in your prayers.


Here is a transcript of what Lauren said in the video, just in case you felt like reading what she had to say as well…

Where do you see yourself in a year?

My name is Lauren Williamson and I am about to embark on the craziest adventure of my life. I cannot even imagine what is directly in front of me, let alone what is beyond that. It’s like asking me to stand on one side of an ocean and tell you what I see on the other side – I have to start swimming across to even catch a glimpse of the opposite shore.

It’s like trying to ask me to describe God. Every time that I try to describe God I am at a complete loss for what to say. I cannot explain Him and will never be able to. In everything related to Him, I will always fall short. I love my creator more than life; but even if I loved him with everything I am every second, it still wouldn’t come close to equaling his love for me.

Yet, when I am serving His children I feel like I can see him smile. I’ve never been closer to my Father than when I was in Zambia last year. [if we don’t mention Zambia before this I’ll add another sentence explaining like serving the beautiful orphans] To quote mother Teresa, “The dying, the crippled, the mentally ill, the unwanted, the unloved – they are Jesus in disguise… Through the poor people, I have an opportunity to be 24 hours a day with Jesus. Every AIDS victim is Jesus in a pitiful disguise. Jesus is in everyone…they are all children of God who have been created for greater things.” Can it be that simple? Can I serve my Savior, the one who endured unimaginable pain and death to bring dirty little me new life, just by serving the people of the world?

Yes. You cannot read the word of God and not see his heart for justice and mercy. How did I ignore His people for so long? How blinded by the world am I, when i can walk by a suffering man on the street without a second glance?

I don’t deserve to be used. I am not worthy of being a vessel for His glory. I sin constantly. I stumble daily, hourly, sometimes secondly. ! I’m broken. I’m dirty. I’m just plain unworthy. Why in the world would He use me?

That is where grace comes in. I am not worthy of being a vessel for His glory, and yet, He does it anyways. When Christ was talking with the apostles after He conquered death, He tells them their mission so clearly and simply: GO. And knowing their weak, fragile humanity, He tells them that all the authority in heaven and earth was given to him and that he will never leave them. He has known from the start what big cowards we are, but He grants us, through His precious mercy, the right to be harborers of the power of God.

That includes me.

I think that a year from now I’ll be able to look in the mirror and see a stranger. To be nothing of who I am now. Or, better yet, what if i could look in the mirror and see absolutely nothing? What if, as I’m gazing into this void where a selfish me used to stand, I saw but the tiniest, most minute fleck of a glimmer of the reflection of Christ? I don’t even think that’s conceivable. But the fact that I can even think of being changed that much excites me.

So to answer the question of Where I see myself in a year; I can only tell you that I will be a different person. I am giving myself to God, and dying to myself in hopes of rising with him.

My name is Lauren Williamson and I am running the race with perseverance that he has marked before me.

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