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Dominica is a country of culture, adventure, and beauty.  Which makes it easily apparent why my friend Monika would like to study abroad there.  Unfortunately, Monika needs money to go there.  Fortunately, the organization Go! Overseas: Study Abroad offers a study abroad scholarship.

To win the scholarship, Monika had to write an essay and had the option of filming a video that would creatively showcase her desire to study abroad. When Monika first came to me with her video idea, she had already written a script, gathered the props, and brainstormed filming locations.  We filmed the entire video in approximately four hours and over the course of the next month I edited it.

In the end, Monika didn’t win the scholarship, but she was notified that her video was in the top twenty videos submitted to the Go! Study Abroad Scholarship contest, out of approximately 800 videos submitted.  She is now entered in a sub-contest on the Go! Study Abroad Facebook Page for $100.  Facebook voters choose the winner; it would be great if you could “Like” the Facebook Page and select “Monika Eloisa Libson (Texas A&M University ’12) as the person you believe has the best video.  You can watch all the video entries at the Go! Study Abroad Website.

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