Team Living Water :: Promo Video

Aside from the videos that I filmed for Woodlands Church last Summer, I also had the chance to help Ryan Booth with several other side projects.  One of these projects was helping film for Team Living Water International which runs in various marathons across the country.  Living Water International is a non-profit organization that builds wells in developing countries that lack clean drinking water.  The premise of the video was to create a parallel look at a young boy in Rwanda leaving his house with an empty jug of water on a trip to a far off well, while simultaneously showing a man leaving his house in the Houston suburbs and jogging while drinking bottled water.  This stark contrast provided an emotionally gripping way of showing the difference in cultures and how Living Water International is working to help various countries with their needs for water.  My favorite thing about this video is that it actually tells a story and is not like many of the other “for just pennies a day” television advertisements you see asking for money.

This video will be used to gain awareness for Team Living Water International and raise support for wells to be built in countries that do not have access to clean drinking water.

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