Stover Bros Cafe :: Slider Catering Commercial

I realized last week that this post has sat in my queue for over a year.  Here’s a video I made for Stover Bros Catering last year!

Charles Stover, better known as Charlie Mac, has been a good friend for several years now.  In that time I have seen his restaurant grow from being in a gas station, to getting its own place, to moving inside a grocery store, to now having a new concept called “Flip & Peel” burgers and fries in the mall.  Through all these changes Charlie Mac has remained positive and continued trying new things.  Stover Bros Cafe started off as Stover Boys Burgers, a small burger joint that had one of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever experienced.  Since then, Stover Bros has expanded the menu considerably to include sliders and other  foods.

One of the core businesses that Charlie Mac is offering is his new Slider Catering business.  For a small fee, he will bring an entire menu of sliders for you and your gathering to enjoy.  Toasting the buns on the spot and offering a variety of toppings just adds to the experience.   It’s definitely different from your traditionally boring sandwich and chips  included with most catering.

For this video I showed up 30 minutes early to an actual catering job that Charlie Mac was running and filmed the setup, preparations, and serving of sliders to various customers.  Everything went fast and I even ate a few sliders in the end.  If I had to recommend one to try I would say the Meatloaf.  It is truly a delicious experience.  Charlie Mac has now expanded to include mac and cheese catering as well with their Southern Comfort Road Trip.  Be sure to check out Flip and Peel burgers in Post Oak Mall!

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