Snow In Aggieland

Of my five years at Texas A&M, it has only snowed a handful of times and never in the large amount that it did on February 23rd.  As the drifts kept getting higher, I was commissioned by the Department of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M to take photographs of the campus covered in snow.  Of course, I love taking videos more than photographs, so I took the liberty of shooting a few clips with my camera as well.

After a few hours of editing, I presented this video to the Department of Marketing and Communications and it was immediately uploaded to the Texas A&M YouTube channel.

:: Technical Details ::

INSANE lowlight main camera:
My favorite wide angle lens:
The lens that is on my camera 80% of the time:
Killer ND filter/adapter for these lenses:
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Mega comfy shoulder bag:
BEEFY electronic gimbal:
Fantastic video monopod:
Ridiculously tiny audio recorder and mic:
Prism for fancy in-camera effects:
FAST video editing laptop:
Indestructible camera case:
Light & sturdy travel tripod:
Portable LED Lighting Kit:

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