Seth and Shawna // Wedding Highlight Film // Crystal Springs, Magnolia Texas

Seth and Shawna are one of those couples that perfectly balances each other out.  Seth is the loud, funny face making, laughing, starving musician that you can tell probably has a bit of trouble putting on his socks in the morning; while Shawna is a little more down to earth.  They go perfectly together, which I think this wedding video illustrates rather well.  Last December, my good friend Daniel Karr asked me if I would help him film their wedding at Crystal Springs in Magnolia Texas.  I hadn’t heard of Crystal Springs but when I arrived I could see it was a perfect place for an outdoor wedding.

In a stand of trees surrounded by pastures, the wedding guests consisted of friends, relatives, and cows across the fence.  One nice touch was the neighbor rancher was burning lumber next to the wedding venue making the air slightly hazy.  This led to some phenomenal images captured with my new favorite camera, the Sony FS-100.  This camera has all the strengths of a DSLR and none of the weaknesses.  I will hopefully be adding one to my collection very soon.  The rest of the venue was Pine and Cedar and smelled wonderful.  I primarily shot with the Glidecam HD4000 and Kessler Cineslider.

Seth and Shawna’s wedding was truly beautiful and I hope to film at Crystal Springs again in the future.

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