Ron Paul at Texas A&M :: April 10, 2012

Last week I heard Ron Paul would be speaking at Texas A&M University in Rudder Auditorium on April tenth.  Considering my birthday is April 11th, this is one of the best early birthday presents I’ve ever received.  On Sunday before the event, John Slevin of Win Liberty and an avid poster on The Daily Paul emailed me about filming the event.

Thanks to my friends Taylor Stanley, Michael Johnson and Philip Barrington, we filmed while Ron Paul spoke to over 3,000 Texas Aggies about freedom and liberty.  We also streamed the speech online to over 3,500 viewers.  I’m now glad to bring you the full speech given by Dr. Paul for you to watch.  You can also download the full video below in High Definition.






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  1. Hey Matt, great meeting you guys at the rally at A&M and nice job on the video!
    I was the tall dude with the Z1U shooting in case you don't recall.
    Anywho, here's my effort from that night…Cheers!


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