Raegan and Clayton :: Engagement Film :: Grace Bible Church Anderson Campus, College Station Texas

Please contact me if you would like to watch Raegan and Clayton’s Engagement Film.

Clayton called me the day before his engagement asking if I would be available to film him proposing to his girlfriend (now fiancé) Raegan.  Having known him and Raegan for several years, I immediately agreed.  He really went all out on this proposal – 450 individual tea candles lit all throughout Grace Bible Church.  The candles made a path from different photo tables throughout the church that showed the different places of Raegan and Clayton’s relationship.  At each table was two different candles to light, each signifying Clayton and Raegan.  The final table had just one candle, and it symbolized the unity of marriage.  Raegan had no idea until they arrived at the church and Clayton insisted that she come inside.

If you can’t get enough of these engagement films, you should watch Bryn and Jason’s engagement that I had the chance to film in March 2011.

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