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Drobo 4 Bay External Storage Drive

The DROBO is user friendly in its interface. Any hard drive of any manufacturer can be used on it. The DROBO allows USB 2.0 or Firewire.





LG External Blu Ray Burner

I bought this blu ray burner on sale at Fry’s one day.  I meant to go in and buy some CDs and emerged with a burner.  That’s one of the perils of shopping at Fry’s though I suppose.  Back to the burner though, this thing is awesome!  The burner has Blu-ray, DVD and CD burning capapbilities and it features eSATA and USB connections with 12x BD-R speed. The LightScribe feature allows the user to create custom labels.




G-Technology G-Speed Q External Raid Array

It offers USB 2.0, Firewire, andfast E-Sata connection that guarantees fast data transfer. G-Technology is Hitachi’s video editing line of external hard drives and enclosures that exist to keep professionals data safe and secure.






My younger sister just received her first DSLR and needed something more robust than “Google Picasa” for editing her raw photos. She now uses Lightroom 4 and it is awesome! The program is intuitive and easy to understand with helpful tooltips throughout. The easy to reach tools offer extreme fine tuning of all aspects of your photo. If you are a student and don’t have the money for Photoshop I would highly recommend Adobe Lightroom 4. If you are also looking for a way to catalogue all of your photos and keep track of editing etc. this is another of Lightroom’s strengths. Buy it now, you won’t regret it – especially at this price.


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