Konova Master Pan // Setup and Review Video

The Konova Master Pan has solved a problem that I didn’t even know I had until I used it. Oftentimes when I am filming a wedding, I only have a few minutes to film details like the wedding cake, rings, and other items from the day. This means that I’m rushing to setup my tripod, slider, and camera to get the shots I need. What Konova has made here is a way to make this process easier.
I still have to setup my slider, tripod, and camera, but when it comes to actually filming the shot, things become way easier than they were before. Konova has created an attachment to their slider that allows me to replicate a commonly used sliding and panning motion, nearly effortlessly. In one fell swoop (or should I say pan) I have replaced my tabletop dolly, and my handheld pans with my slider.

The Master Pan also works with Konova’s timelapse gear, meaning that I can now shoot panning timelapses, without having to mount their Smart Head to my slider. If you have a Master Pan, and are wanting to use it for filming timelapses, I recommend watching my Konova MS Series Setup and Review video. Please be aware that the Master Pan only works with the MS Series motors and belts, not with Konova’s prior models.

If you’re intrigued, I recommend watching my review video to see some of the shots I’ve taken with it, as well as my thoughts on the Master Pan. And if you already own one and are in the process of setting it up, I’ve included how to do that in the video as well.

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