Luxury 2 Die 4 // Promo Video for ISES // Brazos Hall, Austin Texas

On October 22, 2012, I was more than privileged to shoot the Victorian themed event, Luxury 2 Die 4, put on by Savvy Events for the Austin chapter of ISES (International Special Events Society). The evening was scheduled to have a panel, discussion and party with the purpose of exposing event planners to some of the most talented and passionate vendors in their respective fields in the city of Austin, and ISES and the vendors surely did not disappoint.

For entertainment it all started with a quartet playing all of you favorite hits on classical instruments which quickly moved on to a very enthused DJ and dancers getting everyone on their feet to the dance floor. If dancing was not your forte, you had the opportunity to save the galaxy or a kidnapped princess by playing an assortment of vintage video games that were also provided. On top of all of this I learned one key lesson; a party is not a party without fireworks. Throughout the occasion, planned indoor fireworks were set up to add a large exclamation point to the night.

That was only the beginning! Since it was Victorian themed, obviously there needed to be a guillotine, or at least one made out of ice. The ice sculpture was very creative and well thought out, and so were the other decorations. When it came down to the food, there was so much of it and it was all so very good. There was everything from cotton candy, cake, cupcakes (including customizable mini-cupcakes), and hors d’oeuvre.

Finally, to document all of this, there was a group of very talented photographers documenting everything that they saw. But before the night was over, guests could take pictures in a photo booth to have a nice keepsake of the night.

Obviously, I was thrilled to film this event and it was definitely a night to remember.  I hope to do more with ISES in the future.

This entire event was so easy to film thanks to the quality of lighting already setup.  I focused on using a Konova Slider,  Manfrotto Monopod, and Glidecam for most of the night with an occasional handheld shot.  When editing I wanted an upbeat song that fit the mood, so after several hours of listening I went with “Good Life” by OneRepublic.  I licensed the song through Song Freedom.

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