Lighting Equipment

Steve Kaeser PBL Light Kit


Arri 150 Watt Tungsten Light


Lowel Pro Light

The Lowel light has a high intensity #2 reflector & prismatic glass. The tiny focusable pro-light is more efficient than a mini-fresnel of equal wattage, yet it gives an exquisite even light, with fresnel like shadow quality. It can also be used as a low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion), or back-light.


Avenger Turtle C Stand

The turtle base on this stand is easily removable for carrying. You can set it up just as quickly as you can tear it down. The legs of the stand are convenient because they can be set at different angels instead of a set placement. The grip are on the stand can be used to hold small light fixtures and  reflectors.


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