Jenni and Dustin :: Wedding Highlights

Before filming a wedding, I like to watch wedding highlight videos to get myself in the proper mindset.  Each wedding has its own style, a theme, a flair even.  Jenni and Dustin definitely had a style all their own.  When I first was approached by Jenni about filming her wedding and told where it was going to be held, I envisioned a small country wedding out in the trees.  Arriving on wedding day and seeing the beauty of the venue changed my mind considerably.   Having only known Jenni and Dustin a short time, I can still say with a perfect degree of certainty, that their wedding was exactly their style.  A mixture of indie and mainstream, trendy and down to earth all at the same time.

My friend Toan, who I helped film Janie and Blayne’s wedding with, owed me a favor and agreed to help me film this wedding.  Thanks to his help, the video turned out great.

The ceremony and reception both took place at Angel Mountain in the lost pines of Bastrop, Texas on November 6, 2010.

Wedding photography was expertly handled by Lisa at Illuminate Photography.

Music: The song “Real Life” was provided with permission from the band Adelynn.  They have a great sound and are all about glorifying God.  Big thanks to them for letting me use their song, now go listen to their music!

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  1. Loved the video! Adelynn's song, "Real Life" fits it perfectly! Great job! Very impressed!

  2. thanks alot for sharing this… so sorry we missed out on the obviously great wedding… everyone looked like they had a great time…. see you both this spring we hope. Marcus had nothing but great things to say about Dustin's family. Glad you two had a great wedding and we wish you a great day, year, and life together. love…

  3. Just seeing this for the first time. OK, you had beautiful subject matter, yes, but your skill and artistic intuition in telling their story is UNMATCHED. I am so impressed, Matt!

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